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Several times in the past the church at Deane has organised fund raising events. We have photographs of another in the 1950s but no documents to support when it took place.

Bazaar 1900

Bazaar Handbook 1900 (1.2MB pdf)

Bazaar 1925

Bazaar Handbook 1925 (4.3MB pdf)

Bazaar 1929

Bazaar Handbook 1929 (23.9MB pdf)

Bazaar 1930

Bazaar Handbook 1930 (13.3MB pdf)

Bazaar 1932

Bazaar Handbook 1932 (11.7MB pdf)

Bazaar 1937

Bazaar Handbook 1937 (15.7MB pdf)

Bazaar St Edmunds Bazaar

St Edmund's Bazaar containing article on Deane Church (35MB pdf)